Forest Family Church

Forest Church is 'church outdoors' aimed at children but is for the whole family. An outdoor fresh environment with bible stories, games, prayer, crafts and quizzes all whilst getting to know each other and building a relationship with Jesus forever.

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Welcoming.   Loving   Generous  Ambitious

"We serve the Lord God Almighty: we are a warm, friendly,
Christ centred community that welcomes your company
and offers support"

Don't worry, we still follow the same God but the APCM voted in two new
Churchwardens: Linda & Richard and the PCC has appointed Satish as our
new Treasurer.

The first meeting of the new PCC agreed 4 priorities:

  • Services and Regular Activities - including study groups and
  • pastoral care.
  • Quinquennial Repairs and Fabric - inspection last year identified
  • the highest part of the tower roof needs replacing as well as many
  • smaller maintenance tasks.
  • Future Priestly Leadership - working with the church hierarchy to
  • develop a plan for the parish and the vicarage
  • Finance and Fund Raising - including fundraising to plug the
  • -£70k gap in our budget.

There is much to do, however we were encouraged by the energy of the PCC
to achieve all this, As you read this we will be writing our Parish Profile- a
key document that describes or if you like, "advertises" our parish. If you have
ideas of topics you would like to see included in the profile that are important
for our church and village please send these to churchwarden. st.mary.leigh@
After all the rain I pray by the time you read this, the summer sun will be shining
and the sound of bat hitting ball will fill our village.